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Term Of Services

Multibisnisindo Service Provider.

→  Terms and conditions of service applicable to the use of our services.
→  To use the website creation services, please select the appropriate package that we provide as a basis for you to submit concept.

→ The package price shown outside the domain purchasing and hosting costs.
→  The domain that you want and server hosting is entirely your property, we are only as an intermediary.
→  That became our right is the "Donate" for website creation services, website design, SEO and or services that you provide.
→  The concept that you provide must include the file you want to appear on the website. If not, then we will use the files that are just as an example.
→  We made a website in accordance with the concept that you have submitted is based on the plan you select.
→  Once we accept the concept together, and we created website. We do not accept the concept of reset or change the concept.   
→  Once the website you want finished we made, and your website online. We are giving a deadline of 1-month to propose revisions and corrections of errors according to the package you choose.
→  After passing through a period of 1 (one) month, revisions and corrections of errors will wear the cost.
→  Revisions and corrections costs are calculated in each case and in accordance seriousness of the problem that occurred.
→  If you choose "once paid" in every package available. So for the domain extension and hosting in the coming year is your own responsibility.
→  If your website is down or inaccessible for any reason, it is not our responsibility. Because we are a provider of website creation services and seo. →  While the occurrence of a website is down or inaccessible more to do with hosting / server, and IP atao ISP.
→  If your site is blocked or closed by the domain and hosting provider for your late payment, then it is completely beyond our responsibility.
→  If your site is blocked or closed by government agencies or the ministry of communication and informatics for whatever reason, then it is entirely beyond our responsibility.
→  In the event of your disappointment on our services, you are required to notify or provide constructive complain. So we can provide and or correct any mistakes you mean.
→  In case of dispute, then you as a client multi bisnisindo. Willing to work together to resolve the issue amicably by consultation to achieve consensus.
→  If any disputes or issues that occur involving a serious problem with regard to violations of the law and local government, the legal system is the best solution.
→  Matters involving fraud, harassment or defamation or violation of law will be fully handed over to the authorities, and should be settled in accordance with the laws and regulations of local governments.
→  Multibisnisindo as a provider of website creation and SEO, and you as a client of multibisnisindo. Entirely subject to the laws of the Indonesian government, upholding the values of Pancasila, as well as keeping the values of decency in relations of cooperation.

Similarly, provision of these services to be the basis of cooperation.

How Much Is A Package Of Website Creation?

OK ... To find out please see the detail of the package price website creation and what we give!